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The perfect gift every time, hassle free, and without a penny wasted.

  • How it work
    Custom design your gift
  • How it work
    Curate gift items from anywhere
  • How it work
    Beautifully package & deliver

Benefits of Our Service

An initial consultation is followed up with a gift design, moodboard, and in-depth research that meets your budget. Once you approve the gift design, we'll finalize the details and handle the rest from there, taking the pressure and work off your hands.

Need something custom tailored for your needs? Through global chains, partners, and alliances we are able to source and assemble any gift you like. With our extensive relationships, we are often able to secure gifts and experiences at a discount, to realize your return on investment.

Elegant, curated gift boxes designed are beautifully packaged to surprise and delight even your most discerning recipient. You get all the glory without lifting a finger.

Don't want the hassle of managing your custom gift inventory? We can manage it for you to support your on-demand gifting program. Our in-house fulfillment & delivery solutions make your life easy.

You are in good hands with experienced gifting professionals at your beckoned call.

Madianite Partnership


We do your heavy lifting by partnering and handling your vision of gratitude.


We personalize every gift with your branding and ensure it is beautifully packaged.


Lasting personal and business connections. You get the glory without lifting a finger.


A little thank you goes a long way

At MADIANITE we see each chance to connect and engage with love ones, client, customers, or employees as moments to appreciate and show gratitude, through the art of gifting.

Let us Help

MADIANITE help with providing gratitude
MADIANITE saves time and money


Use the time instead to grow your life & business

Showing gratitude and keeping you connected through gifting becomes our business, so you can focus instead on your day to day. You are in total control! You set the budget and we will execute.

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Gift that are as valued and creative as your recipients

We obsess over finding the best products, the perfect decor, and focus on providing an uncompromising experience for our customers and clients.

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MADIANITE Gift with uncompromising quality
MADIANITE Gift wrapping services


It's never been easier to be a gifting superstar

We NEVER compromise on quality! From the moment you partner with us to receiving a thank you from your recipient, we'll ensure the process is seamless, easy and convenient, adding value to your Life and Business without breaking the bank.

Partner with Us


We've assembled a team that can do it all!

Our team is small but mighty and full of strong, motivated individuals working to further our customers' sense of connectedness through the art of gifting.

Partner with Us

MADIANITE Gift with uncompromising quality


You don't know you need us until you've experienced us

Experience MADIANITE
for Yourself

A desire to be and feel valued.

What greater value can you give your loved ones, employees, vendors, and clients than to know that you are thankful and appreciate their trust in you.

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Q & A

What we've learn since we started this business, is that peaple general think they don't need our services until they've used us. Madianite is for anyone who have or plan to give a gift. We understand if you rather do it yourself, but remember it's not about the dollar value but more about the time you took to think of your recipient and to send a gift. MADIANITE is a Gifting Experience Company, which will align with your gifting ideas and startegy to help you foster deeper connections both personal and professional.

There is no limit and it depends on what you want to spend. so, whatever your budget, we'll help you find or curate an amazing gift of uncompromising quality that your recipient will remember you for.

We are not just a gift box company. While we have an online store and provide ready-made gift boxes, we are a full-service Gifting Experience Company. We eliminate the stress of giving by managing all the tasks involved with gift giving. Even if you have no clue as to what gift to give - we will help you decide. Sit back, relax, and we will do all the work for you.

We'll ship anywhere! Charges will apply for shipping in or outside the United States.

At MADIANITE, we care and remain committed to improving the lives of people in our communities - especially the underserved. As part of our 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization, we are working on our "Gift Box Project" were we donate hundreds of "gift" boxes to woman and children impacted by homelessness. Please see MADIANITE Care Foundation, Inc. for more detail

Yes, we are all about customizing experiences and are happy to work with you on a custom gift! To learn more about our custom gift process, please use the contact form or send us an email at team@madianite.com

We jump at the chance to get creative and partner with our vendor friends! If you are interested in featuring a MADIANITE gift for your upcoming shoot, reach out to us at team@madianite.com

Customer service should be measured, not when things are perfect, but when situations are not favorable. Our relationship with our customers/clients are never transnational. We take great pride in how we treat our number one priority and will always align with outcomes that are in your best interest, even when something goes wrong.


We stand at the ready and can't wait to hear from you!


Let's turn your idea into a gifting experience

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Buford, GA

info@madianite.com (800)-344-9882

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